To be competitive and at the vanguard of your market, your business needs must be verified to meet the current customers’ needs and also if requires to anticipate future requirements.

Cost reduction, environmental initiatives, scarcity of raw materials, rising transportation costs, large format, reduction energy consumption, etc., that are requirements are driving companies to constant product development.

In order to be in continuous development, Neos-Aware has a project module where, from a set of raw materials and restrictions, you get a new ceramic composition is compliant with the established objectives.




The configuration of a project is accomplished in four steps:


  1. Selection of raw materials
  2. Definition of ceramic processing
  3. Defining physicochemical properties to be considered
  4. Choice of equipment and units’ specific to be used for the project




The workflow starts with the proposal of the compositions to be tested, Neos-Aware has a formula analysis algorithm with the aim of achieving maximum information with the minimum number of compositions, however performing these compositions can be carried out according to the technician or using the software learning process. The technician can modify or propose new compositions from his own technical experience or from the software awareness.

The results obtained for each composition are introduced in the part of the project dominated workbench tables, which can be customized for each client according to their needs. It also has a tool that minimizes the number of tests for each composition, by applying a powerful predicting algorithm.